Honors & Awards

Tourney Champs – Ron Abbey, Mike Rarrick & Sean Eighmey

2nd Place – Mike McCaig, Jonas McCaig & Devin Dobson

3rd Place – Bob Turner & Andy Hayes


Peaches ‘N Cream All-Ruocco Team:

  • 1B-Brian Newell

  • 2B-Andy Hayes               

  • 3B-Jonas McCaig                                                                                                                                 

  • SS-Ron Abbey                                                                             

  • LF-Dave Newell                                                                                        

  • CF- Bob Turner

  • RF-Devin Dobson                                                

  • C-Sean Eighmey                                                              

  • P-Mike McCaig                                                                                                   

  • DH-Mike Rarrick                                                                                                                                                            

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR – Sean Eighmey                                                                                  

TOURNAMENT M.V.P. – Sean Eighmey


HOMERUN KING – Jonas McCaig & Andy Hayes (8)

WHS ATHLETE OF THE YEAR – Logan Turner – Hawks Swim Team (daughter of Jodi and player Bob Turner)


BURMY (BEST DRESSED) AWARD – McCaig/McCaig/Dobson (30 Years Ago)


MISS WIFFLE BALL PAGAENT WINNERS – Tiny Miss:  Kiki SaPereira                                                       

                                                                                   Junior Miss:  Mikayla Ayers

                                                                                   Miss:  Cleo Baker

                                                                                   Mrs.:  Donna Mae Price


GROUNDS KEEPERS – Bethany Ayers, Greg, Chris, Trish & Nathan Ruocco, Caleb McCaig, Dave Jenks, and Eric Murphy

SCOREKEEPERS – Trish Ruocco, Kathy & Casey Gonta, Kathy “Jake” Ruocco, Ron Abbey, Mike Rarrick, Bob Turner, and Pat Leipold                                

UMPIRES – Head Ump Pete Ruocco, Chris Ruocco, Pat Ruocco, Fred Collins & Al Lazore

HIGH PRIESTS – (Retired) Rich Vang, (Emeritus) Pat Gonta, and Mike Clarke (newly ordained 2013)


SPONSORS – Peaches ‘n Cream and Beartown Beverage & Redemption Center (Ron & Candy Abbey); Beach House    Tanning, Hair  & Nails (Bob Marsh);  Frankly Speaking on 1450AM (Frank Acomb); FlipFlop (Lena Roberts & Linda Faulisi); Thanks toAl Lazore for bringing ice; Lexie’s Lunchbox (Lexie Durkin, Elizabeth Casey, Taylor Bennett, Chris Durkin + Jill & Steve Durkin, Sue & Jim Sonner, Jackie & Mark Koker, Tom Sparling, and Candy Abbey); Mike McCaig for building the Official Archway to Bobo Ruocco Memorial Field; Massi’s Greenhouse (Lisa Massi) for beautiful flower planter; Crystal Lanes (Bobby Dowling, Jr.); Tom Tammaro for $ to paint outfield fence; Central Restaurant (Tom & Diane Pierri); Special thanks to the Price Family and the 4DAD Scholarship Foundation;  Big FOX TV (Bill Christian & staff); and Bouille Electric (Mike Sincock for use of trailer for Parade- BEST IN SHOW; Rich Ketchum-our official electrician


NATIONAL ANTHEM – Friday & Saturday played by Vanessa Turner on keyboards



$250 Tanner Rarrick (son of Holly & player MikeRarrick)

$250 Penni Baker (daughter of Heidi & player Bill Baker)


FLOAT COMMITTEE (BEST IN SHOW):  Katie Ruocco-Chairman, Holly & Mike Rarrick, Candy & Ron Abbey, Chris, Trish & Nathan Ruocco, Sue Sonner, and Rich & Richie Ketchum


HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES 2013 – Kevin Price (Player & Contributor) & Larry French (Contributor)


TOURNAMENT DEDICATIONS – Ed Griffin (Father of players Bryan, Matt, Tom; Grandfather of player Matthew Scott; Fan/Supporter of Wiffle Ball for 30 yrs.)

Jim Price (Father of Pioneer player Rick Price, player/contributor Kevin Price; Grandfather of players Lil’ Kevin, Hunter, Garrett Price & Brendon Golden; Wiffle Ball Scholarship in memory of him 4DAD)