Scouting Report (AP)



Ron Abbey

1-2 in ’12, then World Champs in ’13. Addition of Eighmey was clutch, but has it gone to all of their heads? Trying to become only the third team ever to win back-to-back titles.

Mike Rarrick

Sean Eighmey




Mike McCaig


4th in ’12, 2nd in ’13. On the rise as Mike’s pitching improves and the kids’ batting become tougher to pitch around. Looking to go the distance this year and prove themselves, but will H.S. graduation nearing throw them off?

Jonas McCaig

Devin Dobson




Nate Ruocco

Caleb McCaig


Top 3 finishes ’10-12’, 1-2 in ’13. Looking to go from first out to first overall to hoist their first trophy. Threesome who has yet to hit their prime and favorites for the past 5 years. Will this be the year the monkey gets off their backs? ESPN thinks so. And now that Nate is engaged and Sean experienced the tourney from being 21, all focus is 100% Wiffle.

Sean DiIorio





Bob Turner


Made headline news when they stole Mike Ely from Abbey/Rarrick boys to have their first ever 3rd partner. Will the bad press haunt them or will they persevere? Ely now in his 3rd tourney on 3rd different team, how will their chemistry be? Are all 3 batting? So many questions here.

Andy Hayes

Mike Ely




Chris Durkin

Nick Dobson


A major shift in what used to be the Durkin/Vang team. Vang retires to ump; Durk takes year off for Lexie’s Lunchbox. Will experience leaving the team hurt them? Add older Dobson brother who is a tall presence in outfield and Special (®) who was a 2-time Home Run Champ at Hodgman Park Program, they might be okay.

Ryan Speciale ®





Hunter Price

Garrett Price

Brendon Golden


No longer a temp spot, they’ve earned the permanent title.  Will gaining their tenure spook them or will they improve upon last year’s 2-2 effort?  As long as Garrett can stay relatively intoxicated they have a chance, but look for this team to be out in 3 at best, maybe even 0-2 this year. Adding Uncle Rick as a bullpen pitcher might be the best decision they’ve made as a team, but there are still some questions to be answered and some proving to do.

Rick Price





Jordan Abbey

Tanner Rarrick


Shocked the world by knocking out Ruocco/McCaig/DiIorio in the early hours of Saturday ‘13, will they continue to take out other big dogs this year? Left heartbroken though with the theft of Ely, can Eighmey’s boy replace the huge hole left from Mike’s absence? Definitely big shoes to fill. Inconsistent batting could be their downfall, so pitching must be on.

Jake Eighmey ®





Dave Jenks

Duane Thomas

Dave Hatch ®


Jenks and Thomas add their 2nd different partner in 2 years after Pat Leipold has been called up to big leagues for coaching. Will rookie teammate help Hatch a 2nd title for Jenks in what has been announced as his last year playing? Or will the thought of retirement scare Jenks into an 0-2 outing? We hope he can take home one last title before calling it quits.





Andrew Ruocco

Graydon Locey

Nick Currie ®


Making their sophomore debut after a rough rookie season, Ruocco/Locey call upon another Corning East lax star to help them out. Hopefully Currie can hit better than his teammates did last year. Maybe the W.A.P.P. will let them use their sticks in the field, we know they need all the help they can get.





Kevin Proudfoot


Hit or miss with this team. Kevin and Aaron are both known for crucial hits late in the game, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. As Aiden gets older these two will rely more and more on him, but that time hasn’t come yet either. Either way, there’s no way but up for this threesome.

Aiden Proudfoot

Aaron DeWalt




Pat Gonta

Casey Gonta


Two years ago it was neon yellow, last year it was pink. What will the Gonta 3 pull out this year? This threesome is due for a longer run in the tournament. With Mitchell entering the RIT ROTC program in the fall we know he’s athletic, but runs win the ball game here and that requires hits. This team needs to produce runs to be successful.

Mitchell Gonta





Mike Clarke

Chris Wert

Jamie Nichols


Now officially crowned High Priest of Wiffle Ball, can that title help lead Clarke and his teammates to a championship? Usually known as the team that people love to draw in the 1st round, there could be an upset in the making. Spring training scouts say that Clarke’s knuckleball has improved drastically this year. He needs run support from Wert and Nichols to start getting more W’s on the mound.





Bryan Griffin


The Griffins. Oh my sweet Griffins, what’s there to say? Just knowing who the 3 of you are says it all. No kegs this year could actually spark you into victory, or it could mean a definite 2 and out. Regardless, Matt just needs to make sure he doesn’t piss Pricey off.

Matt Griffin

Tom Griffin




Ed Bennett


No longer has a temporary slot, Ed earned a permanent go at the tourney. Again partnering with his neighbor Matt, and the addition of a third, rookie John, this threesome is looking to get some big wins early. If not, at least they only have a 2 block walk back home.

Matt Casey

John Robinson ®




Connor LeBarron

Zach LeBarron ®


This hard hitting team of all lefties looks to improve upon last year’s impressive rookie performance. Now adding another LeBarron brother to the mix, rookie Zach, these 3 have scary hitting prowess on a ball field that favors lefty batters.

Pat Fero



















Lou Fiorillo ®

Brian Zaprowski

Geoff Waksmunski ®



Richie Ketchum

Hawkins Pitcher

Holly Frampton ®



John Guarnieri ®

Chris Black ®

Tom Kimble ®



Corey Hmiel

Derek Hmiel



You never know who’s going to play in the Fiorillo team’s spot, but this year they finally have an actual Fiorillo in there. Sweet Lou will be making his debut, with nephew Brian. They are also adding Post neighbor Geoff Waksmunski, another rookie to their team.  Brian can definitely hit, so the question becomes what will happen in the field?


Started as a temp team in ’13, but have now earned a permanent spot in the tourney. Swapping out Caroline for CCC Triple and HR Record Holder Holly Frampton. Hits were their weak point last year, so they hope the addition of Frampton will help.  Pitching is still a concern.


All rookies: The SONS OF SCOTLAND, members of law enforcement, at the State and Federal level, come to Painted Post, NY to turn Bobo Memorial field into a battlefield. With the fuel of William Wallace coursing through their veins, the SOS look to pitch and swing for a great cause (Mr. Joe Monago). And win their freedom. Forever.


After a year absence from the tournament due to work contract conflictions, Corey returns from his year in the Taiwanese leagues looking to win his 3rd title in 4 years with hard hitting brother Derek. These two are a force to be reckoned with and are looking to pick up right where they left off in 2012.





Dan Parrillo

John Hmiel

Being a threesome with Derek wasn’t their strongest year ever in ‘13, but now they’re back to their original partnership and are still feared as a dynamic Wiffle Ball duo. I for their 10th title, will 2014 be the year?





Greg Ruocco

Eric Murphy


It’s been 15 years since Ruocco last won a title (’98), and Murphy is still looking for his first. This team can make a push, but Murph has to focus on Wiffle and not his camera. And Ruocco needs to hit! 2014 could finally be their year.





Dave Newell

Brian Newell


The best duo in the tournament who has never won a championship. 2014 could be their year, but Dave’s pitching will be a major factor. The two flip-flop each year who’s the dominant hitter. If they’re both on, they’ll win it all.











Bill Baker

Dave Kenyon


Dropping their 3rd partner and returning back to a duo, Baker/Kenyon are looking to win their 2nd title. Baker’s back is always in question, but they are both known to have strong bats. It will come down to pitching for them.


Offered a permanent spot in ’13, Bob couldn’t make it due to conflicting schedules. This year he’s back looking to make a name for himself in his first tenured performance. Fred is no stranger to Wiffle as he has broken the fence multiple times. These two could surprise people!





Bob Kelly

Fred Dowling