When you have 100+ people crammed into a backyard for three days drinking a lot of fluids and playing Wiffle Ball you end up with 100+ people who are really hungry.  In 2011 Lexie Durkin of Lexie’s Lunchbox realized the need for a concession stand at the tournament and gathered her friends and family to start up the tournament’s first official food service.  In the past the tourney saw the likes of Kate’s Katering (Katie Ruocco) and other small food vendors, but never before was there a full blown concession stand.  Even before 2011 while still in Elementary School, Lexie pulled a wagon around “Bobo” Ruocco Memorial Field selling bags of peanuts, popcorn and bottles of water.  Quickly her little wagon turned into a stand with three grills, two tents and a menu that spanned from breakfast to lunch, dinner, deserts and Jell-O shots!


Along with her closest friends and many family members, CEO Lexie Durkin started a miniature business that provided a much needed service to the fans and players of Wiffle Ball.  When the next door neighbor’s house burned down, it was Lexie’s idea to raise money for the family using her concession stand.  Ever since then, Lexie’s Lunchbox has turned around all money raised and donated it to the Wiffle Tournament’s charities of choice for that year.  Her heart and hard work has helped raise over $5,000 the past three years! So be sure to stop on by Lexie’s Lunchbox, order a sausage with peppers and onions, and head back into the yard to watch some more Wiffle Ball!