Established in 1983 (although the first official winner wasn’t crowned until 1984), Ruoc’s Wiffle Ball Tournament started out as a group of friends skipping a day of class to play some ball. Located in Ruoc’s backyard on Steuben Street, the kids gathered their plastic bats and balls and formed a tournament. What started out to be an original 6 teams in a one day tourney has now grown into a 3-day event which includes 24 teams of the nation’s finest Wifflers. Players from North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Hawaii, Australia and more have traveled to Painted Post, NY the second weekend of June for the past 31 years. Over the years the tournament has seen many additions to the game

that make the whole event even more professional each time. Official tournament shirts, umpires, scoreboards, concession stands, sponsors, TV/Radio/Newspaper coverage and even a float in the Colonial Days Parade have turned Ruoc’s tournament into a key point in Painted Post history. Ask anyone from the area and they will tell you two things that occur in the month of June: Colonial Days and that Wiffle Ball tournament on Steuben Street. As it started on the foundation of friendship there is no greater bond today that holds the tournament together than that of friendship. People come to Ruoc’s yard every year to catch-up, have a cold one, watch some Wiffle Ball and enjoy everybody’s company. The tourney celebrates love and it celebrates loss. The memories of Wifflers who have passed are never forgotten, they are always honored, and we play for them. In an era where controversies are hard to avoid (steroids in baseball, concussions in football, etc.), Ruoc’s Wiffle Ball Tournament has come and gone time and time again doing good for the whole community. Since 2011, Wifflers and their families have helped raise over $10,000 for members of the Painted Post-Corning Area who are in need. We have been blessed for many years by friends of the tournament who are more than welcome to help out others and give back. As we continue to celebrate an incredible 31 years of Wiffle Ball fun, we look forward to the oncoming years with great pleasure and hope everyone who enters the backyard at Philip “Bobo” Ruocco Memorial Field has just an amazing time experiencing it as the W.A.P.P. does putting the event on.

The W.A.P.P.


The W.A.P.P. (Wiffle Ball Association of Painted Post) is the official organization that runs the tournament and makes executive decisions. Such decisions include: Voting on Hall of Fame inductions, T-shirt design, tournament slogans and themes, official rule book clarification and more. Although there are many W.A.P.P. members, key stakeholders include: Chris, Trish and Nathan Ruocco, Ron and Candy Abbey, Mike and Holly Rarrick, Bob Turner and Dave Jenks. The committee holds multiple meetings throughout the off-season and constantly remains in contact through email and phone. Their tireless efforts are all for ensuring the tournament runs without any hiccups and so everyone has a great time.


Tournament Staff


Commissioners – Chris Ruocco, Bob Turner and Nathan Ruocco

Scorekeepers – Trish Ruocco, Kathy Gonta and many others

Field Maintenance – Bethany Ayers (Head of Grounds Crew), Greg, Chris, Trish & Nathan Ruocco, Caleb McCaig, Dave Jenks

                                        and Eric Murphy

Umpires – Head Ump Chris Ruocco, Fred Collins, Al Lazore, Rich Vang, Joe Galligan and Kevin Price

High Priests – (Retired) Rich Vang, (Emeritus) Pat Gonta & (Newly ordained 2013) Mike Clarke

Website Operations – Sean Eighmey

Facebook Operations – Nathan Ruocco

Television Productions – Bill & Paige Christian (BIG FOX)

Radio Productions – Frank Acomb (Frankly Speaking)


2013 Float Committee -  (Voted Best in Show!) – Katie Ruocco – Chairman, Holly & Mike Rarrick, Candy & Ron Abbey, Chris,

                                              Trish & Nathan Ruocco, Sue Sonner, and Rich & Richie Ketchum